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 The Bible Code : The Goo Explanation

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The Bible Code : The Goo Explanation Empty
PostSubject: The Bible Code : The Goo Explanation   The Bible Code : The Goo Explanation EmptyTue Apr 17, 2007 12:18 pm

* Goo Religious Mode *

The original Bible is termed "The God of Gods",... and i have an elderly ladies trance reading that refers to it as "Master of All" ,... from a Alien Perspective with their Governing race at the Astar Command Center ,... the coordinator Tullua . The Mandelbolt and infinite Fractle design of nature ,.. the kind of image that no matter how far you zoom in you still see the same image ,... leads to this type of Bible analysis . The Bible we know has a symmetric plan and design from the middle outward ,... althought i have honestly never read it . Im talking about "facts" from books like the Vonn Dakin Series orthe Cheiro book of fate and fortune . There's heaps.

I believe the structure of the "son of", "son of", "son of", "repeativness" throughout the chapters of the bible ,... has given the crossword solutions to both the Bible Code book 1 and 2 ,... an easy method to simply copy . I also believe the code of the Bible was written in ,... and mainly structured in ,... the place where the dead sea scrolls were eventually found ,... they may have used such land facts as old as what is inscribed on the steps of the Great Pyramid ,... or the many Mayan calendars . Plato describes Atlantis and their God Mural ,... with the land of Mu in opposition ,...

The book was written with the Influence of the number 7 ,... basically applying to a strong religious choice and direction ( in this context ) ,... or the conscious / subconscious bridge . The Modern Day Bible Translations stem from the main influence of Moses and the main background stories associated with his life . Finally the trail ends at King David, at which time only 1/2 of this 119th Psalm ,... the longest Psalm, had been written.

2000 odd years later,..
The are many interesting facts and numerology clues.


THE SHORTEST Psalm in the Bible is the 117th.

Psalm 118 - INTERESTING FACT 1 :

The MIDDLE of Psalm 118 is Verse 8 ,...
When put side by side becomes ,... 1188 ,...
The number of chapters in the bible ,... besides this Psalm 118 chapter ,...
The MIDDLE chapter.

Psalm 118 - INTERESTING FACT 2 :

* Interesting fact about the exact num of chapters before and after this chapter
* Interesting fact comes from summation of intro chapers in bible.

Psalm 119 - INTERESTING FACT 1 :

THE LONGEST Psalm in the Bible is the 119th ,...
It Contains a total of 176 verses ,... 22 sections of 8 lines ,...
Each line is an "Iambic Tetrameters" ( 16 sylabels alternatively long and short ) ,... These just correspond to each of the 22 Hebrew letters :

Eg1. Alpha "first letter" of aniambic tetrameters for 8 lines.
Eg2. Beth "first letter" of an iambic tetrameters for 8 lines.
Eg3. Daleth "first letter" of an iambic tetrameters for 8 lines ,... etc etc etc etc ,...

* Hebrew is the ONLY language that can fit this TWO part RULE.

Psalm 119 - INTERESTING FACT 2 :

Psalm 119th 22 verses all directly or indirectly contain the motives of the Bible
Eg1. the word "commandments" plural or single is used exactly 22 times
Eg2. the word "testimonies" plural or single is used exactly 22 times.

To Summarize :

" The difference between each language used, to start each of the 8 lines, of each of the 22 hebrew letters, into each language, only possible in Hebrew, would contain extra information, mainly concerning the structure and paragraph numbers of individual psalms, and chapters throughout the various translations of the Bible. This could reveal further coded information in the bible, or just elements of how it was actually constructed. "

I just believe there is that much information all written in obvious symmetry in the Bible ,... that it was simply constucted from the middle outward . Any information containing perhaps ,... messages from the future encoded back then in crosswords ,.. would still have been some futuristic magical feat ,.. in todays downward look at spiritualism in general .

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The Bible Code : The Goo Explanation
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