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 Its Just Not Fair

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Its Just Not Fair Empty
PostSubject: Its Just Not Fair   Its Just Not Fair EmptySun May 27, 2007 7:00 pm

Get This,...
A neighbour poisons my lawn 3 times, $, over 3 years, then spends 5 weekends, 6 hrs a day, around Easter, at the fence with a hammer in one hand, and the phone in the other, drunk and threatening to call the police.

He smashed 12 fence boards, and a main structural member. Then spent 2 weeks sitting in his backyard staring at my house, and even started pacing infront of my house. He wouldnt leave me alone, just pushing me to say something, which i finally did. Then he puts a restraining order on me, which also says i cant damage his property for 5 years.

" How ridiculous, i dont damage others peoples property. "
( )

I got some advice, and was told to take note of him instigating breaches in this order, and/or ring the Police. Previously i was forced to call the police 10 times on one day from his extended families drunken abuse.

I cant quite believe they added this clause, I have no problem with the first part, it protects me from them. Their crazy, and probably the tenth time they have instigated trouble. I attempted to place on order on the drunk a year ago, but withdrew when i saw it was going to be an argument with a lying drunk in court.

Apart from hiring an expensive lawyer, theres not much i can do, devil
( If i remove this ridiculous clause, i have to place my own order to protect my own property.)

Its only a matter of time before the guy breaks his own order,..
( Its like proportional to how much time i spend outside in the garden ! )
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Its Just Not Fair
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