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 Bazaar Arts Ceramics

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PostSubject: Bazaar Arts Ceramics   Bazaar Arts Ceramics EmptyFri Oct 01, 2010 6:13 am


I have a problem, but my coding is going well,

Ive accounted for the document model, the window.document model, and the document.documentelement model, and also the get element model. Although one question is my model is sighty different, for get body, get document, and get element. Also for some reason i had to use a different model for getscroll height.

" But the text in the createelement, then append to document, is rendered differently. I had to fade it on, then off. And used the general technique, set opacity function above. What ever innerhtml text i have, even if styled from css, appears to be poor quality. I just added a text node, and it made no difference. Is the rendering from fading causing this. "

I made a one off, welcome fader, that makes use of the variable. Once its set, the welcome message doesnt come on, until u leave the window, and enter the site again. Simply by setting it to a string. There are functions available to also pass variables, and all data can be encrypted. If i set a cookie, and read on unload to delete the cookie, id have to know the exit url, and whether to delete it or not, and check that with a complex function. And i cant find how to do that. A simple solution.

The location page , currently, has a good extension to the fade element function, and its now fully developed for fading onscreen divs, and created divs, and a continue variable. (Only restrictions are your fade start needs to be between the bounds, and it only goes forward then back, or forward or back). I used a technique to fill the screen up with advert boxes. Works well. Createboxes function above.

It would be nice to be able to mask the screen using these boxes. I can only find a method to mask using internet explorer, and no free javascript masking classes.


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Bazaar Arts Ceramics
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