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 The I-Pen

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PostSubject: The I-Pen   Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:52 pm

Hey guys,

Just considering this little gadget i have beside my bed. It actually projects the time in digital by red laser, onto the ceiling, and wall for that matter. Wouldnt it be good to extend this concept...

We have had the iPhone, and now iPad, i was actually wondering when the iBriefcase comes out, well thats just a little joke about the iPad and relative size, but what if they could fit all the computer circuits into a pen. Then you could press a button and project the pen onto a wall. If you wanted to write another button would center its display, to a certain degree, and keep the projected image resonably stable.

I havent thought it through that much, but the concept was both saterical and i guess possible.

In actual usage the uses for a pen and combined projector are limited, but a rough stabalizing system could overcome this to a small degree, but for simple project the tv guide, you could have selected favourite websites, but selection would still be a problem unless a navigation up and down list was on the pen itself. Probably the only way possible. Who knows, maybe a small heads up projector for your head at the same time. the IHelmet. lol.

Goo study
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The I-Pen
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