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 First Post for 2009

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First Post for 2009 Empty
PostSubject: First Post for 2009   First Post for 2009 EmptyTue Jan 13, 2009 3:26 am

And what a year it was, i can't actually remember anything that happened, well wait i do, Paris was in Australia during the new year celebrations.

I hope she had fun.

I watched Starship Troopers 3, while eating Pizza at a mates house. I sort of had a religious experience at the end. Under a zero chance of survival situation, and perhaps the realization that your standing on a bug half the size of the planet, they stared to prey. Ive been fighting zombies on Call of Duty World at War Coop mode for close to a month, and finishing of a flash slot machine in between this and working out at a gym. These games get pretty serious. Many a time of watched the call of duty modern warfare intro and almost felt a tear or two,..."our honor",...etc,...

Im not really the computer type, but these games are so competitive, 50 players, 25 a side, and capture the flag, so far they cant stop me, but without vehicles it can get tricky. I have memories of being unstoppable on call of duty ou, with fast jeeps, and u could man the guns, while not driving, then jump back in the drivers seat, so cool,....they deffinately couldnt stop me for almost 1 1/2 years, and the reason why,..."Super Goo", used to come up in big bold letters, in the middle of all 50 players screens, was awesome,...

Probably getting Halo 2 tomorrow, probably getting either a Sepron 2.3 Gz chip or an X2 3 Gz chip, and a 700 watt power supply, to build a second pc.

Sorry, this is all very boring, and not even paris related.

She had a really nice site at some place, just for the new years eve celebrations. They used a ray tracing engine, that seemed to have access to a component form of building the scenes. Great idea, a cross between a online chat room, and a virtual space, and all in flash.

Those programmers are real good, but i would like to see them program the entire thing into a single flash file, that can be run side another loader flash file, both at the same time, without access to the shared library, or even the library, because the final flash file would need to be run by itself and inside the loader flash file. Oh well, still hoping to develop my own ray tracing engine for a game like wolfenstein.

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First Post for 2009
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